Join the team to help me keep Asheville real

1. Let’s Keep Asheville real when it comes to development and strengthen the accountability of City Council concerning development.

2. Let’s Keep Asheville real in our approach to the environment. The region needs a Plan B to prepare for a new energy future that may include higher utility and fuel costs and reduced tourism. Green jobs are local jobs that can’t be exported.

3. Let’s Keep Asheville real by demanding that county and state elected officials rework the water rules to be fair to Asheville’s rate- and tax-payers.

4. Let’s Keep Asheville real by reinstating the Minimum Housing Code (which was eliminated in 2002). We need to protect our housing stock, particularly so in this time of financial upheaval and rapidly shifting ownership of rental properties.

5. Let’s Keep Asheville real by establishing a meaningful Living Wage for all city employees, including contract labor.

6. Let’s Keep Asheville real by enacting a three-strikes law concerning contracts and purchases. Other cities have decided to not patronize businesses that have been convicted three times of tax fraud, civil rights violations, wage/hour lawbreaking or environmental violations. There’s no reason for your tax money to go to repeat offenders.

7. Let’s Keep Asheville real by enacting meaningful campaign finance reform.


One Response

  1. Congrats, Mr. Bothwell, and to the good citizens of Ashville who voted for you! I am in Virginia, but there are times I wish I lived in an area where I could support someone who is fighting the lack of individual thinking and who values good ole common sense over superstition and hypocrisy . Keep it up!

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