Getting around – an autumn update

Serving on Council has proved a little more time intensive than I expected, but it’s been fun, too. In addition to the bi-weekly formal meetings and occasional work sessions, there are committee meetings (Finance, Public Safety), and the handful of boards and commissions to which I’m liaison. (Asheville/Buncombe Community Relations Council, Recreation Board, Sustainability Advisory Committee on Energy and the Environment, Tree Commission).

Then too, there are numerous citizens who want to discuss issues, group event invitations, neighborhood associations, and occasional events where I’m asked to officially represent the City.

Thanks to the people who tried to keep me from being inducted into office last December, I’ve also been addressing churches and forums around the region (Black Mountain, Boone, Burnsville, Franklin, Spartanburg, Tryon)  and the country. My opponents propelled me into visibility I never would have garnered otherwise. So I’ve been to Newark, Charlotte, Charleston, and Minneapolis, with future talks slated for Columbia (SC), Denver and Boston.

I also started swimming last May, at the YWCA, three or four mornings each week. So far I’ve clocked something over 125,000 yards (over 70 miles). Whew.


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